Healthy red meat to eat. Is there such a thing?

I am a big proponent of nutrient-dense foods and have found that a plant-based approach to eating works best for me. But as a nutrition coach I recognize that not everyone shares my love of vegetables so as a low glycemic nutrition coach I teach people how to eat “Lean and Clean”, i.e. follow a low glycemic eating plan of lots of vegetables, fruit, some whole grains and healthy lean meats. The question of red meat always comes up: “Do I have to eat just chicken?” or ” I’m sick of chicken!”.

If you are a red meat lover but want to transition to healthier eating habits this post is for you. Check out the benefits of Buffalo!
Now before you hit the Delete button, check out the following facts: Buffalo contains LESS fat, calories, and cholesterol and MORE iron, protein, and fatty acids than beef, chicken or even salmon! Plus, “there are no low level antibiotics, no hormones, no drug residues, and no preservatives in buffalo.

Here is a nutritional comparison chart from The Healthy Buffalo.

And most people find buffalo very tasty. I know I do and if I ever eat any ground meat, I make sure it’s buffalo. I have also found that many shopping warehouses, like BJ’s for example, carry ground bison which makes it quite affordable. So the next time you are looking for meat or fish to complement your meal, skip over the chicken and the salmon and give buffalo a try. You may be pleasantly surprised. And healthier for it!

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