Turn On Your Metabolism With Breakfast

Start your day right. Don’t skip breakfast!

OK so I’ve said it. Breakfast is a turn on for me. I know some people can’t imagine that but it is in the most literal sense of the word.

I’m always surprised when someone tells me they don’t eat breakfast. That is inconceivable to me since I am one of those people who absolutely LOVES waking up and diving into the kitchen for a great breakfast. But I do realize that not everyone is like me. Over the years I’ve garnered my share of stares and whispers. I’m fine with that. I’m all for individuality and marching to your own drum. But really people, BREAKFAST?? What’s not to like about it?

If you’re not a breakfast-lover, consider the following practical tidbit. When you eat breakfast it’s like you are the person who just turned on the lights to the stadium where the Super Bowl is going to be held. It’s as if you are the person who just counted down: “T minus 5-4-3-2-1. We have lift off!” Or you’re the announcer who just said “Gentlemen and ladies, start your engines!” You get my drift?

Breakfast turns on your metabolism.

Breakfast is like nothing else you will experience all day! It is what starts up that incredible machine you call your body and with the proper nutrients will get your metabolism started so that you can function on a gazillion different levels! What’s not to like about it?

If you are complaining about your metabolism not working then I ask you, Are you turning it on???
I bet you’re the kind of person who complains about the computer crashing only to find out someone unplugged it. =)

If you want your metabolism to work then turn it on, with BREAKFAST!
Here is all you need to do that. Make sure you wake up your metabolism when you get up in the morning. To do that start with the following fuel: protein, and fiber, and NO processed foods or white flour. That’s it!

Healthy Breakfast Recipes

Need some healthy suggestions for a great start to the day?
Here are some of my favorite breakfast recipes:

For a Whole-Food Plant-Based breakfast here’s a great power-packed recipe full of protein and fiber to get you going.
Quinoa for Breakfast: Delicious and Easy

If eggs are your breakfast food of choice add lots of veggies to spike the health benefits.
Simple Stove Top Frittata

If you prefer substituting tofu for eggs here’s an easy scrambler that gives you all the protein and fiber you need to start the day.
Tofu Breakfast Scrambler

Although I recommend eating your vitamins, if you just have to have that smoothie here’s a recipe that will charge your day.
The Powers Pack Smoothie Recipe

Before you know it your metabolism will be working like a charm. And it may even become the best part of your day. But don’t take my word for it. Take it from someone who knows what he’s talking about:

Pooh and Tigger

Healthy Recipes


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