Juice Your Way To Better Health with Joe Cross

Fat and Happy or Unhappy?

Joe Cross before his Juice Fast

Joe Cross before his Juice Fast

Are you fat?

If so, are you fat and happy or are you fat and unhappy?

Worse yet, are you fat and sick?

Could you have echoed this statement?: “If I’m going, I’m going happy. I’m a happy fat guy.”

There are many people who are fat and even obese by choice. Are you one of those people?

We all have a love/hate relationship with food.

Let’s face it, food is addictive and the food industry knows this and food conglomerates are making sure that the processed food they make and sell, contains lots of addictive ingredients that make us crave more and more.

Thus we see 3 results:

  • we overeat
  • we get sick
  • we make the food conglomerates richer and richer. See The End of Overeating by David Kessler.
  • Juice Fasting

    Most of us don’t think about dying until we are “over” several hills, or if we start needing medications for illnesses that could eventually end our life. But even then, the majority of people want a quick fix and are not willing to change their lifestyle. What does it take to make a change? For Joe Cross it was the loss of all hope. “I literally was fat, sick and nearly dead. I was 100 pounds overweight, loaded up on steroids and suffering from a debilitating autoimmune disease. I was at the end of my rope and the end of my hope.”
    Unlike most people Joe decided to take matters into his own hands and decided to gamble on “the body’s natural ability to heal itself”. For 60 days with the supervision of doctors he decided to start a Juice Fast in the hopes of getting off all his medications and lose weight. Did it work? See for yourself.

    Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead Film

    To document his journey Joe made the film Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead which you can watch right here for free.

    If you are someone who keeps saying, “I should lose weight” you should watch this film.
    If you are someone who is interested in eating more healthy, you should watch this film.
    If you are someone who doesn’t think he can make a lifestyle change, you should watch this film.

    Joe Cross After His Juice Fast

    Joe Cross After His Juice Fast

    Here are Joe Cross’ results. He seems satisfied with them. Wouldn’t you be?

    A Juice Fast is not for me!

    Granted not everyone will want to do a juice fast and that is OK.

    Perhaps you’re interested enough to substitute 1 meal a day with a juice. That sounds reasonable. And for many people that sounds like a great idea. If you are someone whose mornings are hectic getting off to work or getting the kids off to school a Mean Green Juice might be the perfect breakfast answer for you. Mironutrients at their best and you are off to a healthy start to your day.

    Here are a few options from my perspective:

  • Try a healthy juice for one meal a day. Breakfast on the go might be perfect. Or lunch at your desk.
  • Want to be more aggressive to jump start a weight loss program? Try 2 juice meals a day e.g. Juice for breakfast, a healthy lunch of salad and vegetables, and a juice for dinner. Snacks would include healthy veggies and fruit.
  • If like Joe you have lost all hope and are ready for a drastic change, then give the Juice Fast a try. Try it for a week and see how you feel. Notice in the film there are people who try a variety of options. And of course there are some who are unwilling to give it a try. Whatever your level of commitment you are bound to notice something. Anyone who “juices” will agree.
  • Juice Recipes

    If you are wondering how to get started here is a great list of recipes from Joe’s website:
    Reboot with Joe: Juice Recipes

    I personally love to use juices as a detoxifier or whenever I feel I haven’t eaten enough nutrients. Juicing is great after a trip or a weekend when I’ve eaten foods I don’t normally eat. It’s a great way to maintain my weight and get a boost of energy.

    Wherever you are on your journey to health consider this option. Whether you are “committing suicide with food” or whether you are just trying to incorporate healthier foods into your daily regimen, give juicing a try and see what it does for your quality of life.

    Healthy Recipes


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