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Buckwheat Banana Pancake Recipe

Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Buckwheat Banana Pancakes Recipe If you are looking for a healthy breakfast with protein and fiber or if you are gluten sensitive or have food allergies, you may want to check out this recipe for Buckwheat Banana Pancakes. Buckwheat pancakes are not only good for […]

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The Huskies Are Anxious For Mushing Season

[sws_facebook_like href=”http%3A//″ showfaces=”false” width=”100″ height=”21″ action=”like” layout=”button_count” colorscheme=”light” font=”arial”] [/sws_facebook_like] [sws_tweet_button title=”The Huskies Are Anxious For Mushing Season” nickname=”LindaPowers14″ language=”en” count=”horizontal”] [/sws_tweet_button] [sws_linkedin_button url=”″ position=”right”] [/sws_linkedin_button] The 2012 Can Am 30 & A Houseful Of Hot Huskies August 1st is here and for a mid distance musher […]

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Baisley Lodges in New Brunswick, Canada: A Slice of Paradise

The Powers Pack spent 6 weeks at Baisley Lodges this winter while we trained for the Can Am. As this You Tube video suggests, it is a slice of paradise anytime of the year. We especially love it in the winter since we have access to wonderful […]

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Our Can Am 30 run reported in the Bayside Gazette

Ocean City's Bayside Gazette Can Am 30 Article

Here is a nice article about The Powers Pack in the Bayside Gazette.

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Oldest Rookie in 2011 finishes the Can Am 30

We did it!  It took us a while–5 hours and 20 minutes to be exact but we finished the Can Am 30!  We dug deep and climbed hill after hill after hill for 30 miles during a snowstorm!  It was a thrilling experience and I was so […]

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It Takes More Than a Village

On Saturday March 5th, I will be at the starting line of the Can Am 30 International Sled Dog Race on Main Street in Fort Kent Maine. I have been on a wonderful journey this past fall and winter, training and conditioning myself and my sled dogs […]

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The Road to the Can Am: Week 3

Week 3 started out on a high note. Our goal on Monday was to do a 30-mile run. I met Rob Cooke who wanted to run his dogs 40 miles and we headed out just as it started to snow. The snow prediction of 3-6″ didn’t worry […]

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Can Am Training in New Brunswick: Week 2

Our training this past week focused on endurance and getting used to being out in temperatures hovering around -14F. Three days of frigid weather forced me to work on the right combination of clothing for myself. I have the cold weather gear I need but keeping in […]

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The Road to the Cam Am

  To train for the Can Am 30 International Sled Dog Race, Kevin and I are traveling to New Brunswick Canada where we will stay with our friend Gino Roussel, a Canadian musher who owns Baisley Lodges, cabins along the Madawaska River.  Gino maintains a beautiful system […]

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