Oldest Rookie in 2011 finishes the Can Am 30

Can Am 2011

We did it!  It took us a while–5 hours and 20 minutes to be exact but we finished the Can Am 30!  We dug deep and climbed hill after hill after hill for 30 miles during a snowstorm!  It was a thrilling experience and I was so proud of my 6 canine wheels. Their strength and determination energized me.  And the scenery took my breath away.

At one point, as we ran across a frozen lake surrounded by mountains and headed for a forest trail beautifully decorated with the new fallen snow, I took a moment to breathe it all in.  Mother Nature made things difficult on March 5th,2011. With a steady snowfall and temperatures in the mid 30’s, the dogs had to work hard pulling their load in the heavy wet snow.  But pull they did! And after a challenging run,  the Oldest Rookie in the 2011 Can Am made it to the finish line!

I was so proud of our effort and all we had accomplished. The dogs were wagging their tails and I was still smiling!  My dream of running the Can Am 30 had been realized at the age of 63. And that is my wish to all of you: dare to dream and to go after it.  The journey may astound you.  To quote Sister Madonna Buder, an 80 year old triathlete, who put it so well in her book “The Grace to Race” : “Living is the adventure of a lifetime!”

Happy Trails Everyone!  Thanks for following mine!

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