Aura is a 4 year old white Alaskan Husky. Alaskans are a mix of Siberian and different breeds of fast dogs that love to run. Aura came to us from a Canadian mushing friend, Gino Roussel, who has a kennel full of these “Canadian Snow Hounds”, or Native “Spirit Dogs” as he likes to call them. Aura’s lineage goes back to an Iditarod idol of mine named Martin Buser. She is timid and shy with new people but when she is in harness, she is a work horse. She is the picture of determination when she is in lead and she is becoming more confident at helping train the 2 younger members of the Pack. During a run, Aura will sometimes look over her shoulder to check up on me and in that moment I connect with my “Spirit Dog” and Life is Good.

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