10 resources when considering a plant-based diet.

Why a plant-based diet? Because food can cause or prevent health issues Our genes may predispose us to diseases, but having a family history of a disease doesn’t mean we are destined to get it. Lifestyle can have more impact on health than genetics. As renowned nutrition […]

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Three Kale Recipes for People Who Hate Kale

A Few Kale Recipes That Won’t Disappoint Kale always seems to be in the news. It’s a Superfood! A healthy green! Has tons of vitamins and nutrients. One cup of Kale has 10,000 i.u. of vitamin A! Compare that to 103 bananas. And it has as much […]

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How about a MacStatin with that Quarter Pounder?

Consider this scenario in the future: We live in a society dependent on processed foods. In an effort to slow down the progression of heart disease among Americans, doctors suggest it could become routine for customers ordering a Quarter Pounder at the McDonald’s Drive Thru to be […]

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Healthy Holiday Side Dishes

Thanksgiving is a great time to add lots of healthy sides to the cornucopia of food being consumed this holiday weekend. If people are going to meet to socialize and break bread together why not provide them with lots of healthy fare. Not only will people feel […]

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How do you label yourself? Vegetarian, Vegan, Plant-Based or None of the Above?

Labels, good or bad? Food Food labels are a hot topic. Although some consider them too complex, they are a useful tool which provides information regarding the nutritional value of packaged foods. Some countries are very strict when it comes to labels. Others, not so much. Combine […]

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The Powers Pack Super Smoothie

Smoothies are a great way to pack protein and other nutrients into a tasty beverage. Their nutrient density makes them a great meal replacement or a snack and they are an easy way to increase your raw veggie consumption. A protein smoothie is good post workout for […]

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Chaga Tea. Why all the hype?

This winter I was introduced to Chaga tea. I often travel to Maine and Canada in the Fall and Winter to take part in mushing events with my sled dog team. As a holistic nutrition coach I’m always tuned in to healthy foods especially those that are […]

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Jump Start to Lean and Clean Eating

Need a Healthy Jump Start? Getting started on a healthy eating program can be a challenge. That’s why I put together a 15 day Jump Start Program for anyone who needs a little push to get started or just get back on track to healthy eating. Go […]

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Making Calories Count: Weight Loss or Weight Management?

My Philosophy Ever since I became a nutrition coach I’ve been preaching the following message: If you want to reach your weight loss goal and maintain it you’ll need to eat healthy fuel in the form of lean, clean and fiber rich foods and don’t forget to […]

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Sled Dogs: All Shapes And Sizes

Fall Musher’s Reunion One of our favorite mushing get-togethers in the Fall is a Musher’s Reunion and Training Weekend in western Pa. It is hosted by a retired musher from the Pennsylvania Sled Dog Club who has land where he used to train his own dogs and […]

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