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Mushing Bulletin # 96 – Operating a Wood-Burning Stove

No matter what they say, when the temperature is down around the area where Mobil Freezone turns into an ice-cube, there is nothing like a wood burning stove. You can keep all those modern heating systems where you turn a dial and warm air shoots out through […]

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Mushing Bulletin # 95A – Just how cold is it? (In Pictures)

Here are a couple of pictures that I took of the Head Musher and Chinook after the team completed a fourteen-mile run in the snow. Today’s training run will be 17 miles. Weather is clear and about 19 degrees – balmy. Later, The One-Man Pit Crew

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Mushing Bulletin # 95 – Just how cold is it?

Yesterday morning it was 14 degrees below zero Fahrenheit. Do you know how cold that is? Well, Gino was about twenty yards away from me walking toward the bunkhouse and I yelled “Good morning!” to him. Before the final “ing” got out of my mouth, the first […]

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Mushing Bulletin # 94 – Searched and Seized

After a long trek across Maine from Brownville to Houlton and then north up the Trans Canadian highway, we arrived in St. Jacques, Nouveau Brunswick, late on Sunday evening. (I say “Nouveau” because I’m sharpening up my Français in case I get perdue-ed while the Head Musher […]

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Mushing Bulletin # 93 – Make a Quick Left at the Telephone Pole

  We’re in Brownville, Maine. That’s in Piscataquis County for you geography buffs. It must be the moose capital of the world. Every road has a “Watch Out for Moose“sign. You don’t want to hit a moose. As Casey Stengel once said: “If you hit a moose, […]

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