Transitions Lifestyle System Success Story: Jean Baron

Transitions Lifestyle System Success Story: Jean Baron

Jean Baron, signed up for the Transitions Lifestyle System program for several reasons. She wanted to lose weight but her driving force was that she was getting tired of taking more and more medications for her diabetes, and blood pressure. Finally, as motivational speaker Tony Robbins describes the force, she became “disturbed” enough to change her lifestyle.

When I first met Jean I could tell that she wasn’t sure that she could succeed at following a low glycemic eating plan. During the first week in the program, a week we affectionately call “Detox Week”, I could tell Jean was not a happy camper.  I had my doubts she would persevere.  But persevere she did! And it wasn’t long before she delighted the group with her weekly progress: her pants were getting too big and she worried about them falling off!  As she hit small goals, she rewarded herself. First with a lovely new blouse, 1 size smaller than she was used to and then with new pants, 2 sizes smaller!

But then toward the end of the 12 week program we all cheered as she shared the news that her doctor had taken her off 1 diabetic medication and 1 beta blocker and he had cut another diabetic medication in half. 

Jean’s delight and pride was shared by the entire group and we were as excited about her results as she was.

Now 5 months after she started Transitions, Jean is still moving toward her ultimate goal by setting smaller intermittent goals, and she recognizes that a lifestyle change takes time. But she continues to progress armed with new found knowledge about how food choices affect her health and her weight and determined to take it one step at the time.

Kudos to Jean for taking the steps needed to make improvements in her life. She is off to a phenomenal start on her path to wellness. May each step on her journey bring her better and better health.

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