Fish Oil Supplements: Are they worth it?

Confused About The New Fish Oil Research? You’re Not Alone

Confused About Fish Oil Research? You're Not Alone

Are you confused about the new research on Omega 3 Fish Oil? The Journal of the American Medical Association, JAMA, recently published a review of 20 studies and reported that “neither eating extra helpings of fish nor taking fish oil supplements reduces the risk of stroke, heart attack or death.” Sept. Scientific American

That has created quite a stir in the media. And many of us who take Omega 3 Fish Oil as a supplement are wondering if it’s worth it.

What Dr. Oz Is Saying About Fish Oil Supplements

I believe it is and I came to that conclusion by looking at what the very authors of the study said in their report which was reviewed on the Dr. Oz website. What the authors said was that the study supported evidence that omega-3s have other health benefits. And those are substantial. They reduce triglyceride levels, protect against heart arrhythmia and high blood pressure, lubricate joints, fight wrinkles, protect vision, help acne, improve mood, and enhance fertility in both males and females.

What Scientists at the Linus Pauling Institute Are Saying About Fish Oil Supplements

Dr. Oz isn’t the only one touting the benefits of fish oil in spite of the recent research results. Scientists at the highly respected Linus Pauling Institute of the University of Oregon decided to sort through hundreds of clinical trials done on Fish Oil to see if it was indeed beneficial and also perhaps explain why so many trials end up with such a variety of findings. On Nov 29, 2012 they published this response:

“The review concludes that both fish consumption and dietary omega-3 fatty acid supplements may still help prevent heart disease; that some fatty acids, from certain sources, are more effective than others; that these compounds may have enormous value for serious health problems other than heart disease; and that the very effectiveness of modern drug therapies for heart disease may be one explanation for the conflicting findings on the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids.”

What I Think About Fish Oil Supplements

The bottom line in my book is, listen to your body. Do you feel better and do your checkups reflect an improvement in your overall health when you take fish oil? If the answer is yes then continue to listen to your body and meet its needs. That’s what I do. My fish oil of choice? Heart Health Omega 3 Fish Oil. I tried many different kinds and wasted a lot of money over the years, trying to save money on fish oil. Many left me with a “fishy” taste that I hated or I couldn’t see any difference in how I felt. But that changed when I tried Heart Health Omega 3 Fish Oil. Heart Health is a high quality fish oil and I find I don’t have to take the daily dose recommended to get the benefits I want. I’m done shopping around. Heart Health Omega 3 Fish Oil can be purchased by itself or it can be purchased with other supplements that help reduce inflammation or improve overall health. Be an educated consumer. Then decide.

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