Hula Hooping: Not Just For Kids Anymore

Hula Hooping for Weight Loss My granddaughter Hazel is an energizer bunny. She is always fully charged and raring to go. After my recent hula hooping session I too felt super charged. Just like Hazel. That’s why I’m adding hula hooping to my exercise regimen. Hula Hooping […]

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Non Dairy Smoothie Recipe

Why Drink Smoothies Smoothies are a great way to add nutrients to your daily eating regimen. With a basic recipe you can add any number of additional components to suit your tastes. Many people use smoothies for weight loss or as a pre or post workout drink. […]

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Beet Juice: A Recipe, The Benefits and Recent Research

The benefits of beet juice have researchers wondering just how far these will go. Findings have already been published on the benefits of beet juice on lowering blood pressure. Spurred on by such positive findings Cheryl Bushnell, MD, director of Wake Forest Baptist Health’s Comprehensive Stroke Center, […]

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Diets That Work? Forget the Diet. Eat Healthy. Eat More.

Diets That Work? Here’s A Tip…Most of Them Don’t When people start thinking about losing weight they seem to automatically think about dieting. Is there a more negative sounding word in the English language? I don’t think so. I for one have tried a variety of diets […]

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Tap your hidden energy source.

If you’re looking for optimal sources of energy don’t overlook the kind of energy you can’t get from food or natural supplements. Find your passion and you’ll be amazed at how energized you’ll feel. The natural high you get from living your passion has a ripple effect […]

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Nutrition Exercise and Mindset – Getting a Natural High

If you’re looking for some natural energy boosters here are some of my favorite tips and pick-me-up recipes. Hopefully you’ll find something that makes a difference for you. When people ask where I get my energy my answer is three fold: 1. I tank up on High […]

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Raw Protein Power Balls. The Granola Bar Alternative

Are you tired of spending valuable time reading the labels of the thousands of energy bars on the market? Are store-bought granola bars too dry and crunchy for you? While there are good products available I find myself getting very impatient reading label after label hoping to […]

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