What is Low Glycemic Eating?

Five years ago I was introduced to a Low Glycemic Eating Program at the gym I belonged to. Some people call Low Glycemic Eating the Mediterranean diet. I explain it as eating Living Food, not Dead Food.  To say that the program changed my view of nutrition is to put it mildly. Five years later I continue to follow this lifestyle because I have seen the positive effects it has had on my overall well being. Weightloss, Energy, and Anti-Inflammation are 3 of the reasons why I choose this lifestyle. The foods I eat are at the core of how I feel and what I am able to do. And there is lots I want to do now that I’m retired and finally have time on my hands. As a 63 year old I feel better then I did when I was in my 50’s. And I do more today then most people my age. And I’m proud of that! When I discovered what eating Low Glycemic could do for my health I couldn’t understand why everyone wouldn’t choose to eat foods that keep inflammation and disease at bay. So I became a student of nutrition and got certifications as a nutrition coach and consultant.  I discovered that we, as a nation, are addicted to dead foods. And the marketing gurus and the food industry know that and make sure we continue to stay addicted. But some of us are paying attention and in the process we are learning about healthy food options. As a retired teacher I now teach anyone who is interested that there are some great choices out there. Choices that can help us on our path to wellness. Choices that can help us stay healthy and disease free. In 2008 I came across an article written by Dr. Pamela Avery, a board certified anesthesiologist who was very interested in pain management especially as it related to nutrition.

 Here is an article she wrote entitled: Who Should Eat the Low Glycemic, Anti-Inflammatory Diet?   


Check it out! It could change your life as it did mine!

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