Why Cleanse or Detox?

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Jump Start Your New Year

The New Year always seems to bring about a great interest in cleanses.

I personally don’t like the term and much prefer the word detox. But the term doesn’t really matter. It’s the goal that’s important. Cleansing or detoxing is a healthy habit to develop. Some people like to do a seasonal detox while others feel a cleanse at the start of the year is good for several reasons. The most obvious is that we’ve most likely ingested lots of less healthy foods during the holidays and we are looking to get out of that track, and the second is that detoxing at the start of a new year helps get us started on the right path to healthier eating.

Think of it this way. If you own a car would you ever consider driving it for a lifetime without changing the oil and filter? Of course not. Even though you may not change the oil at the recommended 3,000 miles you will eventually change the oil or suffer dire consequences.

The same goes for our body’s engine. As posted on the Gaiam Life site 10 benefits of cleansing are as follows:

  • Makes the digestive system more effective.
  • Maintains regularity and prevents constipation.
  • Increases energy.
  • Increases the body’s absorption of vitamins and nutrients.
  • Improves concentration.
  • Kick-starts weight loss.
  • Decreases risk of colon cancer.
  • Increases fertility.
  • Maintains ph balance in the bloodstream.
  • Improves whole body well being.
  • Cleansing Kit

    So where to begin? If you’ve decided that a cleanse is a good idea for you, you may feel overwhelmed by the plethora of cleanses on the market. The one I recommend is by NutriClean.
    NutriClean It’s called the NutriClean 7-day Cleansing System. It is a gentle 7-day cleanse which not only detoxifies the colon, and liver but it also replenishes healthy bacteria which is essential for a healthy digestive tract. That second component is a must if you are going to get the most benefit from a cleanse.

    2 Week Detox Program With My Face Book Group

    If a cleansing kit is not your preference consider joining me for a 2 week Detox and Reset program in the New Year. This 2 week program, Jump Start to Lean & Clean in 2015, is being offered at a bargain price of $20.15 but that price is only good till Dec. 31, 2014. Check out the details HERE .

    If you want to join us after we’ve started that is possible also.

    Here’s hoping that 2015 is not only Happy but very Healthy for you as well.

    All the best in health,

    Linda Powers

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