If You Should Have A Daughter

Sarah Kay www.kaysarahsera.com

Sarah Kay

If you are a woman, i.e. a daughter, I think you will appreciate this poem.

It is a brilliant comment on life.

And it is recited by its author, a genius in her own right who appears to be Superwoman and vulnerable at the same time. She’s the embodiment of every woman and she recites these words for the daughter she may have one day.

So in honor of this Mother’s Day 2014 I post this video by Sarah Kay who recites her Spoken Word Poem entitled “If I should have a daughter”. I am posting it here in honor of my 3 lovely daughters and my 2 beautiful granddaughters. It is a message that comes straight from a mother’s heart. And since I don’t have the poetic genius of Sarah Kay, I borrow her words today to share not only with my own daughters but for all daughters everywhere.

For mothers and daughters alike, this poem performed by the author “is a thank you note, a love letter, a wish, a promise, a confession, and a secret.”

It is also available as a book called “B” by Sarah Kay

But to best feel the energy of the author, viewing it on You Tube allows the viewer to experience the art form of Performance Poetry. And Sarah Kay’s energy truly brings the poem to life.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Over and over again.

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