If You Should Have A Daughter

If you are a woman, i.e. a daughter, I think you will appreciate this poem. It is a brilliant comment on life. And it is recited by its author, a genius in her own right who appears to be Superwoman and vulnerable at the same time. She’s […]

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Try Something New For The Next 30 Days

Google’s Matt Cutts Gave A Ted Talk And Suggests You Try Something New Have you ever wanted to try something new but just kept waiting for the right time? Why is that? Are we in such ruts that we just can’t or don’t want to get out […]

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Can Food Heal?

Years ago Hippocrates uttered the words “Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine Be Thy Food”. Many people scoffed at Hippocrates back then and many continue to do so today. But there are others who are open to the fact that food may certainly be something to […]

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Listen To Your Body

Are You Listening? Have you listened to your body today? If not, why not? Too often we put our own body’s needs at the bottom of our priority list. Today is a good day to change that. Perhaps these words from Dr. Judith Petry will inspire you […]

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ThingsYour Mother Should Have Told You

There are lots of ingenious tips on the internet for any number of solutions. WWW.WEBDS.COM/SITE_WWW/ The internet is a great resource for that. I am often amazed at how simple some of these tips are. Here are a few reprinted from Things your mother should have […]

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Breathe for Inspiration

Breathe! It is the mantra of every yoga instructor I’ve met but it is also used extensively by Personal Trainers, Doctors, and Meditation Coaches. But more about that in a second…I was a foreign language teacher for a long time and have an appreciation for the meaning […]

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Goal Setting, Nutrition and Why You Need Morphing Goals

Nutrition Goal Setting and a Lesson We Can Learn from Surfer Laird Hamilton The word “goal” has all kinds of different meanings depending on the context. I’ll get into nutrition goal setting in a second…sometimes I wish we had different variations of the word to better explain […]

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Honorary Red Lantern Award April 21, 2013

In March 2013 I received the Red Lantern for finishing last in the 30 mile Can Am International Sled Dog Race. The Red Lantern Award recognizes persistence and determination and it was an honor for me to receive it even though it meant that I came in […]

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Do Not Go Where The Path May Lead

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