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Sled Dogs: All Shapes And Sizes

Fall Musher’s Reunion One of our favorite mushing get-togethers in the Fall is a Musher’s Reunion and Training Weekend in western Pa. It is hosted by a retired musher from the Pennsylvania Sled Dog Club who has land where he used to train his own dogs and […]

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Fall Mushing: Dryland Training

Fall mushing training generally starts when the temperatures dip down into the low 40’s. On the eastern shore of Maryland that often doesn’t happen until late October. So this year, as in years past, in early October we headed up to Maine to take part in a […]

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A Musher’s Day Off

When we are in Canada we sometimes go over the border into Madawaska Maine. Kevin has his own impressions of what the experience is like. Here is his report on our border experience. Crossing The Border And The Canada Plan by Kevin Powers Yesterday, we decided to […]

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The Musher and The Tadpole

When most people hear the word tadpole, they think of those little squiggly creatures that turn into frogs. But not this musher. When I hear the word Tadpole I think of my favorite mushing trail outside of St. Jacques New Brunswick. For the past several years I […]

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A Day At The Races

The Powers Pack at the Brownville Sled Dog Race

The Season’s First Run On Snow Winter is a fun time for The Powers Pack. The dogs and I just love transitioning from dryland training to running on groomed snow covered trails. This year our first run on snow would actually be a snow race run by […]

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Musher vs. Mother Nature

Dry land mushing

A Musher’s Gotta Do What A Musher’s Gotta Do When people see me walking my dogs in the fall just as the thermometer dips below 50 and the cooler breezes kick in, it’s quite common for someone to inevitably say “Your dogs must be loving this weather.” […]

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Mushing Chores: A Musher’s Work Is Never Done

My Last Week of Mushing Chores at Sibersong Kennel This is my last week at Sibersong Kennel working with Jaye. When you oversee a kennel of sled dogs there are lots of daily chores that need to be done. I mean there are TONS of chores. A […]

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Sled Dogs as Therapy Dogs

Dogs as Therapy Nursing home staff will tell you what a positive effect dogs can have on residents when they are brought in to visit. I got to see that first hand when I brought two of my dogs to see my mother in the nursing home […]

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First Run of the Season With A Glitch

When you arrive at a trail head with a truck filled with eager sled dogs there are lots of chores that have to be done. And thanks to the adrenaline coursing through them the dogs are revved up physically and verbally so Ken Williams and I are […]

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The First Sled Dog Run of the Season

The first run of the season is exciting for both musher and team. When the temperatures start to dip and there is a slight bite in the air, the atmosphere in the kennel changes. The dogs can feel the change in the air and anticipation sets in. […]

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Mushing in Ocean City MD