Aliy Zirkle and Allen Moore

2009 Iditarod In 2009 my husband Kevin and I and our daughter Audrey traveled to Alaska to see the start of the Iditarod. Audrey and I had volunteered to be handlers and I was in heaven being part of the excitement in Anchorage at the start of […]

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A Lesson from a Horse’s Derriere.

Northern New England Sled Dog Trade Fair The Northern New England Sled Dog Fair takes place in New Hampshire every October. It’s a great weekend for mushers. Friends reconnect, supplies are abundant, and speakers are brought in to educate sled dog lovers. This year, one of the […]

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How The Powers Pack Came To Be

People often ask me how I got into mushing. Like many mushers it all started with one Siberian. My husband Kevin has gotten into the habit of writing up Mushing Bulletins for our family and friends when mushing season starts and this year he wrote a bulletin […]

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Mushing Chores: A Musher’s Work Is Never Done

My Last Week of Mushing Chores at Sibersong Kennel This is my last week at Sibersong Kennel working with Jaye. When you oversee a kennel of sled dogs there are lots of daily chores that need to be done. I mean there are TONS of chores. A […]

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Sled Dogs as Therapy Dogs

Dogs as Therapy Nursing home staff will tell you what a positive effect dogs can have on residents when they are brought in to visit. I got to see that first hand when I brought two of my dogs to see my mother in the nursing home […]

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First Run of the Season With A Glitch

When you arrive at a trail head with a truck filled with eager sled dogs there are lots of chores that have to be done. And thanks to the adrenaline coursing through them the dogs are revved up physically and verbally so Ken Williams and I are […]

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The First Sled Dog Run of the Season

The first run of the season is exciting for both musher and team. When the temperatures start to dip and there is a slight bite in the air, the atmosphere in the kennel changes. The dogs can feel the change in the air and anticipation sets in. […]

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Feeding a Kennel of Sled Dogs

I often get asked what it takes to feed my sled dog team? How much food do I buy, how do I do it, what kind of food, and the list goes on. And I only have 4 dogs!! Imagine a musher with some 30 dogs in […]

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Sled Dog Handler in the Making

Didn’t You Get The Memo? Apparently someone forgot to tell Diana Nyad that at age 64 she was too old to swim from Cuba to Florida so she went ahead and did it, and without a shark cage. And that same someone forgot to tell Gary Player […]

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The Powers Pack on the Speaking Circuit.

The month of April held some new experiences for The Powers Pack. Mushing season was over for us on the Eastern Shore of Md. but we had great fun meeting new friends and talking about our experiences this year. At the beginning of April I was honored […]

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Healthy Recipes


Mushing in Ocean City MD