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The Transitions Lifestyle System Has A New Name: The TLS Weight Loss Solution

Transitions Lifestyle System, the highly successful low-glycemic-impact weight loss and wellness program has been renamed the TLS Weight Loss Solution. The core of the program is the same: follow a simplified low glycemic eating program and achieve health goals that range from weight loss to lowering blood pressure, cholesterol and blood glucose levels as well as reducing inflammation that causes joint pain or arthritic pain. The program focuses on lifestyle changes through Low Glycemic Eating, Behavior Modification, and Exercise .

So what’s new other than a new name and logo? Plenty! The panel of health professionals who developed TLS recognized that people today are busy and many are reluctant to commit to a program that requires weekly check-ins and monitoring. Particularly if they have a lot of weight to lose and think this could go on for a long time. They also recognized that being successful in a program takes support and having support and encouragement from a nutrition coach is vital to the success of the majority of people. How can a program do that and still meet the individual needs of each participant? Easy, put the program online with a qualified nutrition coach available for online support. This move has made it possible for people to start whenever they wanted to and they can “check in” whenever they want to. Having all the resources available online helps keep the cost down and makes the program all the more flexible.

Still unsure if low-glycemic-impact eating is the way to go? Why not check out some of the information I previously posted in this blog. For an article on the anti-inflammatory properties of low-glycemic eating check out: What is Low-Glycemic Eating?

Wondering if you will go hungry? Perish the thought!! I LOVE to eat and what I love about this program is that I get to eat all day to maintain my goal weight which I reached 6 years ago with TLS. Here is an article which explains how to Eat More to Lose Weight


If your goal is to work with your doctor to reduce the number of medications you are on, read what Jean Baron was able to accomplish while she was on the program.

Here is: Transitions Lifestyle System Success Story: Jean Baron

If your goal is to lose weight check out:
Transitions Lifestyle System Success Story: Ralph and Connie Adkins

If you wonder what life could be like if you take the steps to change your life to a healthy one, read:
Transitions Lifestyle System Success Story: Michelle Burke

Michelle’s story is particularly delightful because with her new-found energy and her new body she discovered all sorts of new activities as she worked to incorporate exercise into her daily regimen. She organized a running group in her community and she attended a Women’s Surf Camp never having surfed before. Now she is an avid surfer and has given her husband the “surfing bug”. She has also added Stand Up Paddle (SUP)Boarding to her list of activities and is loving life. To say that she is living life to the fullest is an understatement. And it’s a healthy one at that!

Want To Get Started On A Lifestyle Change?

If you are ready for a lifestyle change you have lots of options.

You can do the program with me either in person or long distance.

If you prefer doing the program online that is an option also.

I have 30 years of teaching experience and I have been a nutrition coach for 8 years and am certified in low glycemic impact eating as a Transitions Lifestyle System Coach. I am also certified as a Nutrition and Wellness Consultant with the AFPA.

Feel free to email me with questions at [email protected] and I’ll be happy to set up a free consultation.

All the best in health.

Linda Powers

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